The Perfect Wife

By: Larry Archer

Genres: #Hotwife #Seduction #Humorous


Our hero, Tony, is a troubleshooter for a large multinational organization and is constantly being sent to the far corners of the world.

The first day Tony and his wife Wanda are ensconced in their new condominium in Sin City, he is sent to London to fix an accounting software glitch that has brought their European division to its knees.

Wanda, shy and timid house frau, is abandoned in a strange new city with only the clothes on her back as their moving van is broken down halfway between St. Louis and Las Vegas. With no food in the pantry, she is forced to eat at the restaurant located in the exclusive Towers complex. Luckily, Foxy and Chrissy take her under their wings and introduce her to a lifestyle she could only imagine in her wildest dreams.

Without Tony’s protection, Wanda is forced into situations beyond her control and discovers that she loves it. Tony sees glimpses of his new wife over FaceTime as Foxy turns her into the MILF she was destined to be.

The Perfect Wife is a nonstop erotic adventure into the world of Hotwives and their cuckold husbands. This long 70,000-word story has twists and turns that Larry Archer is known for, with a HEA ending, as everyone lives happily ever after.

The Perfect Wife is available in paperback and electronic format for all types of computers, cell phones, electronic readers, and tablets.

Author's Bio:

Larry Archer writes hard core action filled adult erotica stories primarily in several topics, swinging, group sex (menage), bi-sexual, lesbian, Master/slave (BDSM), cuckold/Hotwife, and some incest/taboo. His stories are always bareback and you'll find the action you're looking for without any safe sex lessons. He's been writing adult oriented smut since 2012 and offers a blend of hot sex action with an actual plot to the story.

Larry and his wife are swingers in real life and often use his stories to tell about people they've partied with and the situations they've witnessed or been in. Writing adult-themed (erotica) stories using situations they have been in as a base was a natural for him. He has a vivid imagination and finds it easy to start with a scenario and develop that into a story.

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