About Us

Introduction: Welcome to Pornsurfer Reports and Kinky Literature. We are a FREE site reporting on adult content pay sites and adult content erotic literature.

Mission: To match lovers of graphic content with sizzling porn pay sites and sizzling adult content kinky writing.

What we do: We introduce, showcase, and promote adult content; both visual and literary.

What we don’t do: We don’t charge the public nor do we recommend nor push anything over another and we don’t sell any products. We just report for the public’s benefit.

Who we are: We’re Richie and Randi. And in the adult industry we’re known as “Mr. and Mrs. YouPorn”. That’s because we were part of a group that founded the most famous of all porn sites; YouPorn.com. Richie is also the author of TaXXXi Tales; a steamy novel about late night cab driving in San Francisco. We developed Pornsurfer Reports and Kinky Literature for the public to Know, Go, and Enjoy graphic adult content.