My Very Naughty Doctor: Book 6

By: J. C. Cummings

Genres: #Examination #Doctor Sex #Sexual Awakening


Naughty Men at Work Book 6

Susan hates going to the doctor... with a passion. She hates being made to undress and spread her legs for a man so that he can feel her most intimate recesses. She finds it humiliating, degrading, and dehumanizing. She can't stand the feeling of a man having so much power and domination over her.

So when she needs a complete physical exam for an important new job, she arrives at the appointment already flustered. But when she finds out from her gorgeous doctor that there will be a group of young interns on hand to witness her exam -- and participate in it -- she realizes that she is about to undergo the most humiliating ordeal of her entire life.

And it turns out far worse than she ever could have imagined. It's bad enough that a middle-aged woman such as herself should have to expose herself to her much younger doctor. But when one college-aged intern after another is allowed to grope, probe, and palpitate her in the most embarrassing ways, Susan is now moving to a whole new level of shame ...

One that holds two life-changing surprises for her. One, courtesy of her wise and not-so-ethical doctor, and the other courtesy of her own unacknowledged desire!

WARNING: This 8000+ word erotic short story contains hot heavy scenes of vaginal and anal fingering along with hot, hard, and heavy sex between a modest and nearly 50-year-old woman and her very young and very hung gynecologist. It is intended for mature readers 18 years of age or older.

"My Very Naughty Doctor" is book #6 in J.C.'s "Naughty Men at Work" series. Complete your entire naughty collection today!

Author's Bio:

I am a happy, hard--working, and fun-loving author of erotic fiction living the seaside-cottage lifestyle in beautiful, sundrenched North Carolina. Ooh, I love my work! Sitting out on the deck, typing away at the sexploits of one randy couple after another (mmm!) ... and all the while feeling my own tingles from the sun and the ocean breeze on my skin, the rhythmic pounding of the surf in my ears, and view after view of semi-naked bodies spread out before me ... well, I absolutely cannot think of anything I'd rather do more (for a living, anyway)!

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