Dragons, Wererabbits, Mages, And Alpha Werewolves 4 Book Bundle

By: Arian Wulf

Genres: #Paranormal #AlphaMales #Anthology


Alpha Werewolf & The Midnight Ritual:
When Dragus is given a mission to figure out the cause of villagers disappearing from their homes, he doesn’t think much of it beyond the usual suspects. He intends to make short work of them. The last thing he expects, after the task is done and he enjoys the feast that is thrown in his honor, is to wake chained to an altar
He thinks of the best way to escape until a breathtaking young woman comes and starts talking about dragon eggs, some sort of test he has passed, and how she's going to reward him by making him as her mate.
Perhaps he’ll stay chained for a little while longer…

WereRabbit Problems & Professor Werewolf:
Rumor has it that Nuala getting extra credit from her professors by doing favors for them. Nuala is a rabbit shifter, a prey animal surrounded by predator shifters who think she's sleeping her way to the top. Nuala just wants to keep a low profile, focus on her studies and graduate.
But the rumors spiral out of control when she is forced to confront an entitled Lion Shifter who thinks he can just take what he wants by offering to pay her for 'a good time'.
It doesn't help, really, that she is actually seeing one of her professors. But it's not what it sounds like. Professor Zac is different. The Alpha Werewolf makes her feel things that she wishes she could ignore. Too bad she's better at rejecting all his advances than at communicating.
Complicated doesn't begin to describe the mess her life has become.

Alpha Werewolf & DragonFire Burns:
William, a forest warden and Alpha Werewolf, toes the line between beast and man better than most. He keeps his territory safe, but nothing ever happens in the quiet Shifter town he's chosen as his home.
Everything changes when Hunters storm into town, armed to the teeth and setting illegal traps everywhere. They're hunting something, that much is clear, but they are all being remarkably tight-lipped about what exactly it is that they're hunting.
He soon finds out that it's not a what, but who.
The creature they're after shouldn't exist, silver scales and wings folded back, beautiful and impossible. When she shifts, grabs his arm, and she tells him to run, he is pulled into her gravitational force and he doesn't remember how he's survived so long without her. He won't let the hunters find her, but keeping her safe in his home also means keeping her trapped there... and the problem with that is that he doesn't see a problem with that at all.

Imprisoned Mage, Evil Spirits, & Alpha Werewolves:
When Jack's sister calls him in a panic and tells him there's something wrong with his little niece, he rushes to their rescue, only to find that her illness is magic-related.
He has no other choice but to call for aid. He has been warned to stay away from magic users his entire life, but his first encounter with it is nothing at all like what he had prepared himself for. Instead of a wizened old mage, he gets an Alpha Werewolf holding a young woman in his arms, carrying her like she is some sort of precious cargo. The soft-spoken, smell-smelling young creature has eyes that make him feel like he's staring at galaxies, molten gold swirling and glimmering in them. She may look helpless and sweet, but he knows she's anything but. There are chains on her wrists and ankles to keep her magic bound.
The smart thing would be to stay away, but his wolf rears it's head and wants. He is overwhelmed with the urge to pin her down and put his fangs in her neck, to claim them for himself, but in order to do that, he would have to fight the Alpha Werewolf who has prior claim on her.
He wants to set her free.
He wants her.

Author's Bio:

Arian Wulf has always loved supernatural stories and wished they were just a little more... frisky.

Less plot, more sex, thank you very much!

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