Mystery Romance 4-Book Bundle

By: Daisy Rose

Genres: #Mystery #Romance #Anthology


In these four standalone stories, these capable women bite off more than they can chew with the men in their lives and nothing will ever be the same again.

A Hundred Pictures of Her
Gwen works as a graphic designer at a popular magazine business. She also moonlights as a body parts model. Her photographer, James Thomson, finds the projects, she poses for them. It's a mutually beneficial relationship. Except she feels she has an advantage because she gets to spend time with James, a man she had been secretly in love with for the past several years. James stays with his long-time girlfriend, a gorgeous blonde named Lily who has made her dislike for Gwen clear. Gwen doesn't want any trouble, so she locks her heart away and tells herself that it doesn't matter. They have a strictly professional relationship and she is perfectly fine with that... until he brings up an art book that he wants her to pose for.

A Hundred Paintings of Her
It begins with a job like any other. A wife in distress rings the door to Lyla Marina's Private Detective Agency and spills her life story. Lyla tracks the wayward husband to a motel in the middle of nowhere, expecting to find the usual suspects. Except she doesn't find anything of the sort. There's no woman, no secret fetish or shameful tale for her to uncover. She finds a book that is unlike anything she's ever seen before. The story should end there. It's just a book, after all.
But things are never the easy. A few days after that, she breaks into a home for a job. Theodore is a doctor, a man of considerable prestige and power, a man whom she has never met before. And yet, she finds in his home a room from the ceiling to the floor, drawn and painted in vivid detail with different media, charcoal and pencil sketches, oil and watercolor paintings... of her.

The Specialty Shop
Anita inherited the specialty shop from her mother, who had gotten it from her mother. Instead of office supplies, sporting goods, antique books or anything of the sort, they sell items specifically used in the bedroom. She has been put in sole charge of the business for a year and she does a good job until something terrible happens. The eatery across her store closes down and in it's place now stands a book shop. It's not a regular bookshop either. No, this bookshop is owned by a man who wants to ruin her. He starts by putting children's book at the display and inviting the author for a reading and signing. So, her getting a sexy 'specialty' doll and displaying it outside of her store probably wasn't the most diplomatic way of handling things, but he takes it one step further by organizing a bouncy castle fun fair and inviting half the town to enjoy it. Two can play this game. "It's going to end in tears," her mother warns. “Yes,” Anita says as she waves at the shop owner across the street. “His."

Roommates with an Alpha Werewolf
Alicia is having a terrible day. So, when her friend offers to sneak her into a high-end club where she can drink her misery away, she is all for it. None of them could have foreseen what was to come. An Alpha Werewolf buys her a drink, listens to her story, and offers her a solution to all her problems. She moves in with him, and in exchange, he can do whatever he wants with her. It's a terrible idea. Alpha Werewolves are, in general, terrifying. They're often unreasonable, possessive and obsessive in equal measures and have the strength and power to back up those selfish traits. The Alpha she meets, Liam, is older and more experienced in every way imaginable, and she knows better than to put herself in a position when the power dynamic is so obviously uneven that it would be too easy for her to be taken advantage of. But what if that's exactly what she wants?

Author's Bio:

Daisy Rose is a lover of hucow, exhibitionism, domination, taboo erotica and any combination thereof.

She particular enjoys placing her main characters in unlikely situations that will excite and arouse her readers to the likes of which have never been experienced before. Follow Daisy's Twitter @DaisyRoseWrites or email her at!

In her free time, Daisy experiments with the toys her master brings for her and finds new ways to get away with bending the rules... or get caught and suffer the consequences. It's a win-win either way.

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