Our First Swing-Size Didn't Matter 'Til Now

By: Andy Reinold

Genres: #Swinging #Interracial #Non-Fiction


Husband & Wife Swinging Adventure

Anybody who is a SWINGER or has any desire to try the SWING LIFESTYLE needs to read this short book. It begins with how and why we got to our first swing party, the nice interracial couple we would meet and the wild and crazy sex we would both have. No detail is left untold and every single moment is spelled out in detail! Don't miss out, it's a fun read for singles, couples, and anybody wanting to swing or experience what it is like for the first time!

Author's Bio:

Yes, my name is Andy and no, I'm not a guy :)

My husband and our amazing life together has been and will continue to be my inspiration for all of my stories and books that I write and ultimately publish. We live a fulfilling life full of adventure and new experiences which typically play a large part in each and every story that is told! Most of the stories I write include an element of reality that I have personally experienced as well as some of my fantasies!

I have not been writing erotic stories for very long, but I find that as I write each one, it allows for me to relive the experiences my husband and I have been able to have together! One reason I got into writing was in reading other stories (both my husband and I), we noticed there was a lack of details that we seemed to enjoy. This is something I try and focus on in all of my stories!

Sometimes I will write my stories from my perspective, while other times I will write based on my discussions and feelings of my husband

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