Twists & Turns

By: JM Burke

Genres: #SexualExperimentation #BDSM #Dom


Then she discovers the world of BDSM and yearns to submit to a powerful man, a real man, which her husband Mark most definitely is not.

Torn between her longings and not wanting to hurt her husband, she maintains the status quo until her husband announces that he has to go on a work trip, giving her a nine day window of opportunity to explore her submissive and masochistic needs.

Frantically, she throws herself into her search for a Dominant who will control and use her as he sees fit.

After all, she only has days in which to make this happen.

Is the much older, sadistic Master the perfect man for her? And is he really a stranger? Will he even allow her to serve and is she really brave enough?

If she does, will it be heaven or hell? Maybe some things are left as fantasy after all?

One thing is for sure though, come what may, having dipped her toe in kinky waters, her marriage will never be the same. Her window of opportunity may very well shatter all their lives.


JM Burke is an erotic author new
And it looks like he’s goin’ be good too
You see, his first book is ‘Twists & Turns’
And a Master in BDSM Telling, he certainly earns

Rachel is a wife, kinda’ proper and prim
Who now has a DOM and boy does she worship him
But oh no! Hubby now accidentally knows
That her body endured many harsh blows

Of course ya’ want to know what happens next
That I can keep my mouth shut is the ultimate test
But if you’re like the many, you want to know why
That BDSM can make a person feel so high

This story is told in a very unique way
So, go out and get a copy, and make JM’s day

Kinky Richie from Kinky Literature; June 18, 2020

Author's Bio:

JM Burke was born and has always lived in rural Ireland. His CV would show a wide range of work and life experience. He has a degree in Theology and a wide range of interests, ranging from history to people watching.

He can trace his interest in kink to childhood, long before he knew anything about the birds and the bees. As a teenager, he discovered books by Xaviera Hollander and realized that he wasn't alone in his inclinations. In those pre-internet days, it was practically impossible to make connections in conservative Catholic Ireland but he became an avid reader of anything he could find on the subject. He has been involved in the local kink scene since 2010.

In his twenties, he tried his hand at writing and was not happy with his efforts. His more recent foray into the field just happened one evening shortly after a family tragedy. Finding it therapeutic, he continued tap-tapping at the keyboard and was surprised to find his efforts far surpassing his expectations. He likes to think that the university of life has contributed to his work.

He would love your feedback, positive or negative, but would hope that you enjoy reading his work as much as he enjoyed the writing.

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