Dark Highway: A Hot Wife Story

By: Matthew Lee

Genres: #Hotwife #Forced #SexualDiscovery


My wife, Trina, got a little carried away. But he is a big- shot Hollywood movie star, after all, so can you blame her?

When would an opportunity like this come along again? What a great story, right?

Not so much.

Alcohol wears off and one is left with the regrets of what one did while drunk.

But that night did open a door for us.

Her next time with another man was purely coerced. Well, mostly. It started off that way but Trina warmed to the idea rapidly. The man had us trapped and without options so she did what she had to do. Problem was how quickly Trina embraced her situation.

I'd say he opened that door a little wider but the truth is he threw the door wide.

After that, Trina was unstoppable. My wife set free the lusty woman locked inside, the woman she'd kept under control all her life, and then our adventure truly started.

We never looked back.

Author's Bio:

Author Matthew Lee started the Hotwife lifestyle with his first girlfriend at age sixteen. Virtually every relationship he had from then to now has had some form of sharing included. The books you read here are based on a lifetime of Matthew's sexual experiences.

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