Dining Alone: Book 2: New Year's Eve: An Erotic Romance

By: Isabella Belucci

Genres: #HolidayStory #Tranny #Romance


The love affair that began in Book 1: Christmas between Sophia, a young trans uncomfortable with her transition and Ann, a senior partner at her own law firm grows in this installment. Sophia has been staying in Ann's beautiful apartment since before Christmas. When Ann says she needs to deal with some issues at the office Sophia takes the opportunity for her own work.

Taking a break from writing Sophia goes for a walk to rest the mind. But Sophia sees something she doesn't want to see - Ann kissing her ex! Sophia can lock Ann out of her apartment, but can she lock her out of her heart?

Can Ann's explanation, after Sophia hears it, rekindle the love? Can they put it behind them? Once the holidays are over will they even still be a couple? Or do they go back to their solitary lives?

Will extraordinary sex solve all their problems?

Author's Bio:

I have written for many years now, mostly longer fiction. I always declared it was for my own personal enjoyment. After a hard day at work, there was nothing more fun than writing about the horrible death and destruction of whoever pissed me off that day. Many a boss fell down an elevator shaft in my mind! The occasional zombie apocalypse cropped up to consume entire towns.

I continue to write in the longer novel form. But I find a lot of fun in smut. I've always read smut, watched smut, shared smut, but now I could do it anonymously without any co-workers freaking out.

My preference in writing, my thoughts, is in the area of trans women. For some reason, my short stories just seem to gravitate to the trans community. It could be because I am trans, but that doesn't mean I can't write on other subjects. I try to slip into each story small nuggets of info about the trans community for the cis folk. But mostly I just hope to cause dampness and erections (choose your reaction) by the explicit sex. I do NOT write for YA... adults only!

I do write other erotica, of course. I've delved into futa, BBW, older man/younger woman, billionaire, even horror (how does one make love to a zombie? Carefully.) But I gravitate back to trans.

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