Sex Addict Hotwife: A Very Hotwife Story

By: Thomas Roberts

Genres: #Hotwife #Nymphomaniac #IndecentProposal


You’ll feel like you know Chris, an IT manager working his way up the corporate ladder starting from nowhere to running a meaningful office. His first night in town he meets Linda in a club, the girl of his dreams. Linda doesn’t know how gorgeous she really is, but Chris does and he wants her. Linda had Hollywood beauty, real brains and a job that seems far below her abilities. That’s because there's more to her than Chris knows.

Linda’s holding back - due to her condition - she doesn’t want Chris to know. But when Chris wins his future bride, he also wins her condition. At first, Chris feels like he's won the lottery, they even have the same birthday, but he finds that a man can only give so much. His wife has persistent genital arousal syndrome. Linda's urges are barely contained even with his best efforts. She always feels like she on the verge of orgasm, an itch deep inside that drives her to, sometimes, even climax without stimulation and without warning in public.

Her persistent arousal drives her out of control at times and she becomes available to any man who’s handy. The only thing that helps her take the edge off, that helps her keep control, are drugs. Linda smokes pot to dampen her desires, but when she and Chris move to a new city, her connection is left behind and Linda’s desires threaten to get out of control.

After meeting Linda, a rich client of Chris’ has an arousing proposal. A proposal that arouses Chris and Linda and a proposal that will arouse you. Linda needs something over the top to finally scratch that irritating itch, he has it, and she gets it. Chris watches as his wife is brought to sexual fulfillment for the first time ever. Yet her heart remains true to Chris as the story skids easily sideways to yet another arousing proposal.

Author's Bio:

Thomas Roberts always enjoyed reading but it wasn’t until the birth of the Internet that he discovered hotwife stories. At first, they were only on sites like Literotica, and Alt.Sex.Stories. He would read them all. He also discovered BDSM stories, although he was never interested in the truly hardcore BDSM, but if it had to do with a hotwife or cuckold, count him in.

Roberts wrote his first short story for publication in 2005 on both of these sites. He was hooked and some twenty or so short stories later, he decided to writing longer, more polished versions in the same genre in novella and novel form.

Roberts and his wife live simple lives. She fully supports what he does and, when she has time, proofreads for him. They have separate careers; both own their own businesses. This has the odd effect of giving him time to write while not giving her a spare minute to edit.

Roberts loves to hear from his readers and finds it gratifying to know if he's hitting that hotwife sweet spot.

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