Paranormal Shifters 1 - 3

By: Daisy Rose

Genres: #Paranormal #Shifter #Anthology


In these three steamy short stories, dominating Alpha Werewolves fall hard and fast for the hapless and inexperienced young shifters who look up to and depend on them. They should do the right thing and keep their distance. But they don’t.

In this bundle, you will find:

Pet Cat-girl
Rehabilitation has always been hard for Jason, even if he is the best in his line of work. His superior says because he's too soft for it, but he knows the real reason why. It's because he likes it too much, he likes when they send him the broken ones, the shifters that has been conditioned to be treated like the animals inside them.
It is only natural for someone in his profession to be handed the hardest cases. When he starts reading about Anna in the papers, how the poor shifter has ears and a tail like a cat and has forgotten most of what it means to be human, he knows it is only a matter of time until she is handed to him.
What they don't know if that Anna is exactly what he wants in a mate and he has no desire to change anything about her.

Improper Thoughts
Nigel knows it's wrong. He sees the young rabbit shifter that his young nephew has been seeing romantically since they were both children and knows that Ari is not meant to be his.
He can't help it. She is always there, looking so perfect in her cute little sundress, so comfortable in his presence that she does not try to hide the rabbit ears from him. His wolf sees the prey shifter and wants to lick up her neck and bite her neck with his fangs, leave his mark on her and make her his own.
He loves his nephew. He won't do anything to hurt him. But she's eighteen now and is sending all the right - wrong - signals. If she wants him too, perhaps his nephew and him could learn to share.

Bad Work Etiquette
Selena is a naive Shifter who has spent her entire life in a boarding school. Her only link to the outside world is a Wolf Shifter who only knows her name. Erik is a successful man almost twice her age and they've never met in person, but she loves him and can't wait to meet him. When she turns eighteen, she signs a contract with a smooth-talking man who promises her freedom. She takes it, thinking she wants to learn independence before meeting Erik.
She doesn't realize she's been lied to until she's sitting in a car with a Snake Shifter and told that she belongs to him from now on. His to touch, his to hold, and his to control. He wants her to dance for him and his customers, do things that she's not ready to. Perverse things.
She's a cow shifter. People come from far and wide just to have a glimpse at her. They're offered a lot more than a glimpse.
In order to survive, she will have to learn the ropes. Will she be able to keep her innocence for the man she loves, or will she be utterly corrupted?

Author's Bio:

Daisy Rose is a lover of hucow, exhibitionism, domination, taboo erotica and any combination thereof.

She particular enjoys placing her main characters in unlikely situations that will excite and arouse her readers to the likes of which have never been experienced before. Follow Daisy's Twitter @DaisyRoseWrites or email her at!

In her free time, Daisy experiments with the toys her master brings for her and finds new ways to get away with bending the rules... or get caught and suffer the consequences. It's a win-win either way.

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