Banging In The New Year - Swingers O Zone Bash

By: Mia Moore

Genres: #Holiday Story #Swinging #Menage A Trois


Bisexual Menage Romance

Swinger's Club Book 6

"The O Zone? Where's that?" Josh thought he had a handle on all the swinger hot spots in northern New York.
"It's as far away as the Big Apple. I think it'd be great for New Years and a holiday." Carrie replied. From the smiles their friends, Byron and Sylvia were sporting, it looked like they were interested too.
"Okay. So where is it?"
When Carrie replied Canada, he shook his head. What the hell do reserved and oh so polite Canadians, know about swinging?
"Look, Toronto's getting a real reputation for good times! Did you see Letterman the other night?"
Even his good friend, Byron agreed with Carrie.
Josh is outvoted, and the couples are off to the O-Zone, Toronto's premier Swinger's Couples Club for a two day holiday. The first night, they take in a hockey game where the action on the ice is anything but reserved.
From a raucous hotel pre-party, to the Dirty heck, Filthy Dancing at the club, it promises to be one hot night in the Great White North!
The body checking at the game gets eclipsed by a virgin MILF (what the heck is a virgin MILF?) who has some ideas of stick handling of her own. She has a cherry to lose, and Josh is her number one draft pick.
It's hot and erotic when Carrie's there for the assist! Josh scores and then shoots!

Author's Bio:

In a lot of ways, I have been living the dream well before I published my first book. I'm married to a strong, intelligent and great looking man whose number one priority is to have my back. He rocks my world, and I love rocking his.
We've had some pretty hot adventures together, which were the inspiration for my first books.

Why do I write? I write for the same reason I love to read. Something happens and I'm swept away by the story. It didn't happen right away when I began my first story, but it happened pretty quickly. It's hard to describe... yes, I know, that's a bad thing for an author to say but it's true.

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