Cuckold's Chosen Path: Book Two

By: J.C. Wittol

Genres: #Cuckold #Interracial #Dom


Book Two of "The One Less Traveled" Series

Nick and Nicole are the quintessential suburban couple: great jobs, two fantastic kids, and successful careers. Bored with their safe, predictable lives, they embark on a relationship with Collin, a wealthy, gorgeous executive.
Collin and Nicole are perfect together. An overwhelming lust and passion soon defines them. Nick finds himself accepting the role of Cuckold Husband, and he becomes addicted to watching the sexy couple. When Collin and Nicole decide to spend time alone, Nick struggles to deal with being excluded from their relationship.
As Collin assumes a dominant role, he starts making demands. First among them, is to remove her wedding rings. Nick objects, leaving Nicole in the middle, and the explosive argument that follows could endanger their budding relationship.
Cuckold's Chosen Path is the continuing story of Nick and Nicole, and their choice to take the path less traveled.

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