Joshua’s Awakening: A Young African’s Encounters With Mature Englishwomen

By: Nick Shaw

Genres: #Interracial #OldNYoung #Romance


On arrival, he is informed that the course has been cancelled. Furthermore, he must leave the hostel where he is staying within a fortnight’s time. He has to find accommodation in Newcastle where people are reluctant to rent rooms to African immigrants.

During his early years in an orphanage in Gambia, Joshua develops a puppy love for Anne, the English matron. She is the object of his pseudo-incestuous fantasies. This translates into a burning desire to have sexual relations with older Englishwomen during his stay in Newcastle. Only his young age and limited financial resources pose obstacles in building satisfactory relationships with mature white women.

Joshua meets Gillian, fiftyish, a kindly widow who lends him a pound to buy a train ticket. Gillian reminds him of Anne Richardson. He realizes that this woman fulfills the same emotional and sexual attachments that he felt for Anne. Will this couple make it in a world where eyebrows are raised at the sight of a white woman with a black man more than thirty years younger than her?

This contemporary interracial romance contains graphic love scenes and is for mature audiences.

Author's Bio:

My books deal essentially with intercultural relationships set within the context of racial attitudes.

‘Joshua's Awakening’ was inspired by the clash of cultures when a young African comes to stay in England and has his first sexual encounters with Englishwomen

‘The Film Star’s Dark Secret’ focuses on racial prejudices in USA during the 1960s and 1970s when a white film star has an affair with a black boxer.

‘The Enigmatic English Escort’ deals with a love affair between an English escort and her coloured admirer.

‘Diane’s Story’ describes the experience of a fiftyish white widow who goes on her first cruise and ends up having a torrid affair with her cabin attendant.

‘Tina’s Story’ tells about a white porn performer who takes a cruise to Bermuda to act in a feature with a local black man. She has to also manage a balancing act between her jealous husband who is directing the movie and her male lead with whom she is developing an emotional relationship.

The last two books have appeared as part of a series titled ‘Bermuda Cruise Encounters’.

Each of these series will explore inter-cultural sexual relationships in different professional environments and countries.

I would welcome suggestions for stories from my readers based on their experiences.

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