April Heads For Home Part Two

By: Matthew Lee

Genres: #Hotwife #BadGirl #SexualSurrender


Although her husband Keith rarely tells her no, April still feels the need to hide occasional dalliances from him. Until the last few weeks, April was never the girl the guys wanted. All that has changed and the rush of desire has intoxicated her and made her reckless. She refuses herself nothing, rationalized by a life of denial, and quickly learns she can have almost anything she wants. Keith and April finish their torrid vacation and then head for home, where April breaks the rules again and again, all without Keith's knowledge or permission. Finally, she crosses a line which threatens the marriage itself and Keith must face difficult choices.

Author's Bio:

Author Matthew Lee started the Hotwife lifestyle with his first girlfriend at age sixteen. Virtually every relationship he had from then to now has had some form of sharing included. The books you read here are based on a lifetime of Matthew's sexual experiences.

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