Roughly Taken

By: Marcus Darkley

Genres: #Debt Payment Sex #Reluctant Sex #Rough Sex


Snob to Slut Book 1

Pretty blonde housewife Emma was a lady of leisure. Born into money, she married an even richer man and had no need to work. In her late thirties and looking much younger, she was a 'lady who lunched!' Her life was just perfect... until it suddenly went out of kilter. Borrowing her husband's brand new car to go to a party while he was out of town seemed like such a good idea until it got keyed. Then she realized she couldn't claim on the insurance without him finding out, so she wrote a cheque for the repairs. All done just in time for Edward to return home none the wiser. All good - until the check bounced and a burly mechanic turned up on her doorstep to claim the money and some recompense. Thus started a new chapter in the naive young woman's life. One that would take her from frump to slut!

Author's Bio:

Marcus is a life-long Dom who has decided to use some of the amazing experiences he has had with his incredible submissives as fodder for hot erotica. The stories are fiction but they are strongly based in fact. If you are D or s you'll enjoy them. If you are curious, they will give you a window on to a different world and perhaps the desire to give it a try. If nothing else, they are going to leave you hot and bothered!

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