Spanked For Cash

By: Marcus Darkley

Genres: #Prostitution #Spanking #Sub


A horny collection of the first 3 stories in Marcus Darkleys' Spanked for Cash series, follow pretty single mum, Cheryl as she embarks on a journey of self-exploration:

Spanked By The Colonel - Cheryl's life was a mess. She seemed to have nothing going for her. The young mum had a crappy job, a crappy house and no money whatsoever. She did have something though, as an old school friend reminded her. She was a real looker - horny as hell! Men would pay a lot of money for a night with her and Ali knew just the person who could arrange it! Cheryl's life was about to change radically!

Spanked By The Mistress - Her first spanking came at the hands of the Colonel. Now Cheryl's new boss was going to ensure the young mum was fully prepared for her new role as a paid submissive. there was nothing she enjoyed more than breaking in a fresh girl!

Spanked At An Orgy - Gorgeous young milf Cheryl has been trained and prepared to satisfy her clients however they want her. And mostly they want to spank her first of all! Sent as entertainment to an exclusive party, she starts the evening strapped on a bench by the front door and when the guests arrive, she's the first thing on the menu!

Author's Bio:

Marcus is a life-long Dom who has decided to use some of the amazing experiences he has had with his incredible submissives as fodder for hot erotica. The stories are fiction but they are strongly based in fact. If you are D or s you'll enjoy them. If you are curious, they will give you a window on to a different world and perhaps the desire to give it a try. If nothing else, they are going to leave you hot and bothered!

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