My Cuckold Wife: The Collection: Volumes 1 -5

By: Anonymous

Genres: #Cuckold #MultiplePartners #Anthology


In these five stories of cuck action, women from all walks of life entertain their husbands with scandalous behavior.
Includes Volumes 1 - 5 of the “My Cuckold Wife” series.

Volume 1: The Classified Ad - After placing a classified ad for her birthday, four men join us in a group celebration. Blindfolded, my cuckold wife has no idea of the surprise waiting in our walk-in closet. What will happen when she discovers all those large men waiting for her in that tiny room?

Volume 2: Three to Tango - After meeting two men in a bar, I convince them to follow me home for some cuckold action. Pleasing herself on our bed with eyes closed, wearing nothing but a fur coat, my wife doesn’t see as we quietly enter the bedroom. What will happen when she opens her eyes and sees two men standing there waiting to please her?

Volume 3: The Raw Deal - After dinner, bar-hopping, and dancing with a married couple, I convince them to follow us to a swinger's club and then back home for more fun. As the party heats up, a knock at the door signals the handsome dealer from the club's casino. What will happen when two couples add a fifth to the party?

Volume 4: Boxing Lesson - As a gift, I pay for boxing lessons at a local gym. As the lesson heats up, her handsome trainer makes his move while I watch from the shadows. What will happen when they go toe-to-toe in the ring?

Volume 5: The Librarian - As a sex game, I command her to seduce a male customer at the local library where she works. As the scenario heats up, I watch the action from her office. What will happen when the random guy’s two friends arrive at the library unannounced?

Author's Bio:

Anonymous writes erotica including "Vicky Valentine's Erotic Adventures," the "My Cuckold Wife" series, and the "Lipstick Lesbian Tales" series.

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