Devlin O'Neill's Top 40 - Best Of The Web Log, 2007-2011

By: Devlin O'Neill

Genres: #Online Sex #Spanking #Humorous


Here are 40 gems hand picked from the archives of Devlin O'Neill's Web Log and presented for the first time in book form. These are the author's selections from this vast online store, essays on the care and spanking of grownup girls, spanking positions and implements, and the what and why of adult spanking, along with literary pastiches that include a spanking by Sherlock Holmes. Four years in the making, Devlin O'Neill's Web Log is more magazine than blog, and contains hundreds of contributions by guest posters, contributors, and co-owners, as well as thousands of comments by scores of commentators. But the bits and riffs published here all are pure O'Neill, so read, or reread, and enjoy.

Author's Bio:

Devlin O'Neill is a lifelong vagabond and student of the human condition. He has been writing and publishing erotic spanking stories and novels for over a decade and a half. He also muses, mutters, and pontificates on spanking and whatever else happens to be on his mind at his web log,

He is named Best Spanking Romance Author of 2015 by Spanking Romance Reviews. (Tied with Renee Rose) His book The Extravengers was named Best Spanking Comedy Romance of the year, and Franny in his novel Ripple In Still Water won as best heroine. A quote from that book also won as best of the year.

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