Heather Gets Dosed

By: James Richardson

Genres: #Bad Girl #Punishment #Sex & Drugs


Heather was always a bitch who did anything she could to get ahead in life, until the day fate caught up to her. Now, Heather can't figure out why she can't keep her hands out of her crotch. Heather has always climbed the corporate ladder as one of the youngest people at her law firm to be considered for a partnership. But the universe has something else in mind, and Christy is going to help pay Heather back for the years of torment in high school.

Author's Bio:

J. A. Richardson attended Ohio State University for illustration. After working in the comics industry for fifteen years, he left it behind to write erotica. James lives with his family in California with his wife and child. He's a devoted family man that loves spending time at home playing board games with his family.
James has been writing erotica since childhood when we stumbled across his father's old Penthouse magazines. From that moment on, he's been writing erotica as a hobby. He writes all types of erotica from taboo stories to bondage and everything in between. It wasn't until early 2000 before the hobby was finally released online for free. After the first upload, it was all history. He received 10,000 reads in the first weekend. He spent the next 15 years trying to learn his craft and refine his style; all the while he kept publishing his work for free until the day he published his first story.

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