Manhandling His Brat

By: Kinsey Jamison

Genres: #Step-Incest #Old N Young #Domestic Discipline


Jessica is enjoying a romantic romp in the sack with her boyfriend when the man of the house comes home and interrupts the fun. Most college brats would be disappointed by this, but Jessica has a little "thing" for the guy she grew up with. He's older, charming, handsome, and knows how to use a belt. Not to mention she was wearing her favorite short skirt. What will this silver fox do to her when the cats away? Will he come out to play?

This erotic story is WAY too risque and taboo. Amazon won't let me tell you any more about this story. - you'll have to "look inside" to read the full details!

Author's Bio:

Hello to my readers! I am a late 20's erotic and romance author living in sunny California! I enjoy spending time with my children, playing fantasy and role-playing games, hiking, running, and daydreaming. I have been writing since I was a little girl, and I've only begun to make my dreams of being a full-time author a reality!

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