The Submissive Wife Shared By Hubby

By: Traci Wilde

Genres: #Sub #Wife #Shared


A Sensual Tale of Public Submission, Wife Sharing, Lesbian & Group Romance

Book 1: Submission & Sharing In Marriage

Melissa is excited to attend a marriage conference with her husband, Tommy. They've been married for 15 years, and while she's tried to be a good, dutiful wife, the two of them have grown apart, not only in their life goals and hopes, but in their bedroom practices.

The one thing that has held them together is their religious beliefs, and among those long-held tenants is that wives should be submissive to their husbands, obeying them in all things. Melissa's had a little trouble with that over the years, particularly as Tommy's desires have grown a little darker, a little kinkier.

So they attend the conference, held by a famous TV minister and counselor, and Tommy promises to do whatever the minister says to become a better husband. The flip side to that deal is Melissa commits to doing whatever the pastor says she should to be a better wife, to make their marriage stronger.

Soon, Melissa learns the minister takes a literal interpretation of the biblical instructions for wives to submit to their husbands, when she finds herself caught up in the hottest, steamiest, and most wicked little foursome she's ever imagined - with her hubby and two others, all using her for their pleasure.

Author's Bio:
Traci Wilde is a member of the After Midnight Press cooperative, penning hot, steaming, erotic shorts stories and novels deep into the night.

Here's what her colleagues at After Midnight Press have to say about her: "The name seems to fit, as our self-described wild-child sometimes draws from her own real-life experiences for her tales. Traci can make even a group of erotica writers blush occasionally, but life is never dull when she's around."

Don't get the wrong idea, not every story she writes really happened, but quite a few of them have a basis in real-life events. She's single (and says she will always remain so), lives in North Carolina at present (though she moves around every so often), and counts among her hobbies running, watching the stars at night, and...well, having sex. Often

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