Knocked Up In Prison!

Genres: #Prison/Jail #Nymphomaniac #Pregnant

By: Alexa Nichols


In this short erotic story, you'll meet Ellen Parker, a young, bored, extremely attractive nymphomaniac who works as a guard in a small, mostly male prison. And who's husband is always away at work. When the mouse is away, the kitty will play...

Author's Bio:

Alexa Nichols is a full-time writer who refuses to stray away from erotica - the reading of it, the writing of it, and definitely the enjoying of it.

She's a lover of all things sexual, and is a strong supporter of lesbian and gay rights. She herself is bisexual, though she does lean more towards the males than the females.

She lives in Corpus Christi with her brother, J.C., and is currently (fantastically) single.

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