By: Adam Mann

Genres: #Multicultural #Romance #Happily Ever After


Tony, who is no spring chicken, finds himself working in Vietnam, having previously worked in other Asian countries for several years. He is a widower, but being a normal red blooded healthy male tries to find female company, and the book starts with several explicit sexual experiences that he encounters whilst working in parts of Vietnam and Cambodia. One day he meets and is sexually attracted to a younger Vietnamese lady, whose father is believed to be French, at an Embassy reception. He finds this attraction actively reciprocated although the girl, Nicky, has previously participated in and experienced only very limited sexual activity. Nicky herself is surprised at her own wantonness. The two decide to start a journey in life together in a developing country, with a complexity of social and political regulations to overcome. The book also describes some of the social outlets in the capital Ha Noi, where they enjoy one another's company, leading to love and marriage. And the level of explicit sexual activity that they enjoy together amazes both of them.

Author's Bio:

I've written twenty four romance books all based in parts of the world where I've lived and worked. As a result five are in sub-Saharan Africa, eleven are in South or East Asia, and only seven based in the UK. One is still in draft form.
I've been married four times, my first wife died, the second divorced me, the third marriage was annulled as that wife had forgotten to get divorced, and thank goodness the fourth wife is fit and well. We have between us seven children and four grandchildren. As a result I think that I know a bit about life and loving.
I've lived and worked in Vietnam since 1997, where I live in a provincial city with my wife, and we have constant stream of visitors from the families of our seven adult children.

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