Satisfied By A Stegosaurus

By: Richard Bacula

Genres: #Fantasy #Monster Sex #Kinky


Layla's quest to save her tribe takes her to the Valley Of The Giant Lizards, where she must perform a sacred ritual in order to gain enough power to defeat her tribe's enemies.

Warning: This story contains graphic and unusual sexual encounters, and is not appropriate for readers under the age of eighteen.

Author's Bio:

I've always had a habit of writing down various dreams, fantasies, and stories that came into my head. After studying creative writing for a number of years at a remarkable university, I got my degree and joined the teeming hordes of independent ebook writers.

Aside from writing quite a few short stories, I managed to team up with AVN nominated producer and webmaster Kelli Roberts in order to write the BDSM novel "Letting Go" for the good people at, and the novel attracted some attention after being recommended in the October 2015 issue of Women's Health Magazine!

I hope you enjoy reading my stories, and I look forward to writing more of them!

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