Rubber 2 Rope: GONE Book 2

Genres: #Fetish #Latex

By: C. Allen


Serena's life has changed so much, so fast. She can't remember when she was this happy and satisfied. Everyday brings more of everything from role-play to gangbangs. She never could have imagined herself as a submissive house whore, but here she was rockin' stiletto heels and latex, and giving deep throat for the ages, She's hot for her beautiful, bisexual slut roommate who introduces her to rope play, anal training and shows her the cum-filled world the fetish lifestyle.

Author's Bio:

C. Allen tells hot in your face explicit sex stories. Centered around strong sex positive women with filthy minds and twisted habits. Stories that have a well developed protagonist and are stuffed with hot, exciting sex scenes.
If you like your erotica descriptively written and on the smutty side, you will like C. Allen's stories.
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