Katie's Awakening

By: Thomas Roberts

Genres: #Fantasy Fulfilled #Hotwife #Sexual Awakening


Mack is an athletic high-powered attorney who only has one drawback, his penis is tiny. Very tiny. Woman are drawn to him because he's a nice guy who never tries anything...little do they know he doesn't want to have to expose his weakness. But Katie...Katie's different. She gets to him and loves him in spite of his small size.

When he proposes, she accepts-but he has to make certain sacrifices. He has to agree that if Katie ever meets her favorite actor, Brad Peterson, she has a free pass.

The annual party of their expensive homeowners association includes a guy who looks exactly like Peterson, and Katie is immediately attracted to him. Mack is a witness to their first time together, and then Katie disappears for four days. When she comes home she's found out that the guy who looks like her movie star is her movie star!

Will Mack be able to handle this? Will they stay together? Will Katie ever be satisfied by Mack again?

Author's Bio:

Thomas Roberts always enjoyed reading but it wasn't until the birth of the Internet that he discovered hot wife stories. At first, they were only on sites like Literotica, and Alt.Sex.Stories. He would read them all. He also discovered BDSM stories, although he was never interested in the truly hardcore BDSM, but if it had to do with a hot wife or cuckold, count him in.

Roberts wrote his first short story for publication in 2005 on both of these sites. He was hooked and some twenty or thirty short stories later, he decided to try writing longer, more polished versions in the same genre. The first short stories he wrote were pretty rough, both in the rough sex sense and in the style of writing. He got better, but life got in the way of making the next step to a longer book.

The first really good hot wife book he read was on a Kindle. It was so good, so hot, that he had to stop every few pages, put the machine down and go do something else for a while. He knew that the hot wife genre pushed all his buttons, but it wasn't until then that he realized how excited they could make him. If they could affect him that way, maybe he could write longer stories that had the same effect on other people. Maybe, instead of the pretty much straight sex of the short story, he could explore the lives of the people more fully. He still reads everything published by that first author and feels he owes him a real debt of gratitude.

Roberts and his wife live pretty simple lives. She fully supports what he does and, when she has time, proof reads for him. That exercise usually ends very well for him.
They have separate careers, and both own their own businesses. This has the odd effect of giving him time to write and not giving her a spare minute.

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